Registration of health insurance in Slovakia

Registration of health commercial or compulsory insurance in Slovakia for a residence permit, visa or travel.

Registration of health insurance in Slovakia

Registration of health commercial or compulsory insurance in Slovakia for a residence permit, visa or travel.


Residence permit: :

Entrepreneur + company

2 598 €

Residence permit:


499 €

Residence permit:

Child under 18

299 €

VIP service

per month

199 €

You have moved or are planning to move to Slovakia?

Getting a temporary residence permit and setting up your business or looking for a job is just the beginning of your journey. You must take the necessary steps to secure your financial future. This means finding the right insurance, a savings account for you and your children, and a retirement fund.

Navigating the huge Slovak financial services market is not easy and it is imperative that you choose the product that is right for you. SlovakiaInvest can be your guide.

Comprehensive Health Insurance
AXA Partners/Assistance

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The insurance covers the following costs:

  • inpatient treatment (hospitalisation)
  •  outpatient preventive seeing of a specialist,
  • childbirth (taking into account the waiting period – childbirth – coverage after 8 months from the start of the insurance, regular visits to the gynaecologist – payment after 3 months from the start of the insurance),
  • medical examination,
  • establishing diagnosis,
  • surgery,
  • outpatient treatment (including medications),
  • calling an ambulance
  • dental treatment for acute pain,
  • transportation of the insured person to the home country (repatriation of the remains, in case of death of the insured person),
  • the option “Mother” has coverage for postnatal care of the new-born.

In addition:

  • The insurance is also valid in the Schengen area (short-term trips) and covers urgent cases.
  • Telephone assistance service is available around the clock in several languages, including Russian, English, German and others.
  • The amount of the insurance policy is 60,000 Euro.

In the event of an insured event, you must contact the support service — +421 220 664 229.

Support specialists work around the clock and speak Russian, Czech, Polish, English, so you will not have any communication problems.

What is an "insured event"?

The insured event means a sharp pain, malaise due to illness or personal injury, prevention: regular preventive visits to a specialist.

In case of an insured event, you need to call the phone number “number on the card” to the support service and report the problem. You will be provided with full information regarding the solution of the insured event, you will be sent to the appropriate medical centre or institution, or in extreme cases will be given a recommendation to call an ambulance, which is provided for in the payment of insurance in cases of emergency.

Insurance compensation

In case of an insured event and after appropriate treatment, you must provide full documentation of your treatment. Bills, extracts from medical documentation, doctor’s conclusions, as well as all other documents that were provided to you during the treatment must be sent to the email address —

It is enough to send the documents in electronic form. After that, you will be refunded the amount you spent.

For additional information regarding payment details, call +421 220 664 229.

Health insurance
AXA Partners/Assistance - Coronavirus

AXA ASSISTANCE hereby declares that the Foreigners Health Insurance product pays for the treatment of foreign clients in cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. AXA ASSISTANCE will cover the costs of treating this condition up to the agreed coverage limits.

AXA ASSISANCE further declares that customers who have taken out Emergency Medical Insurance for Foreigners will be paid for examinations in connection with the illness and emergency treatment of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Payment of such costs will be governed by the agreed coverage limits for that type of insurance.  AXA ASSISTANCE undertakes to return the insurance premium in full in the following cases: 

A customer who has taken out Emergency Medical Insurance for Foreigners will not receive a visa / will be banned from entering the Schengen area, in view of the prohibition of the relevant Slovak authorities, or other Schengen countries, only in those cases that are directly related to the measures of the Government of Slovakia, or the government of any other Schengen country, taken in connection with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  

We express our hope for the early stabilisation of the current situation!