To whom to write

  • For any questions about the case, write to our general email address SlovakiaInvest@slovakiainvest.sk.
  • For more specific questions regarding immigration to Slovakia, obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence or citizenship , write to Lydia at Lidia.Silanteva@SlovakiaInvest.sk or Karina to Karina.Ogandjanian@SlovakiaInvest.sk. 
  • If you already have a residence permit or permanent residence, and you are interested in extending a residence permit or permanent residence in Slovakia , contact Katya through Ekaterina.Pleshanova@SlovakiaInvest.sk. 
  • For investments, write to Investments@SlovakiaInvest.sk.  
  • If you are interested in opening a bank account , please contact us by e-mail Banks@SlovakiaInvest.sk. 
  • If you want to learn the Slovak language, or, for example, English , you can contact our iCan language school directly : iCan@iCanSchool.sk.   
  • Having questions regarding accounting, taxes, reporting, auditing, dividends or doing business in Slovakia , we will be happy to answer questions sent to Accounting@SlovakiaInvest.sk. 
  • Regarding the company, its registration, changes in the company and everything related to the company , write to Michal at Michal.Snopek@SlovakiaInvest.sk. 
  • If you want to buy, sell or lease real estate , your letters are waiting for Zoreslav at Zoreslavask@gmail.com. 
  • For nostrification of a diploma in Slovakia , contact Victoria at Viktoria.Savchenko@slovakiainvest.sk. 
  • If you need any translation , please contact Tatyana at Tatiana.Valentova@SlovakiaInvest.sk. 
  • For information on recruiting staff in Slovakia , contact Julia at SlovBusiness@mail.com. 
  • If you remember that you have to pay us and not quite remember what, write to Mary Maria.Surinova@SlovakiaInvest.sk, because if you do not pay, you will be contacted with Sergei email Payments@SlovakiaInvest.sk.  
  • And if suddenly such an incredible event happens that you will be a little dissatisfied with the work of our employees , urgently write to Alena at Alona.Kurotova@SlovakiaInvest.sk. Thank. 
  • Well, of course, if, as usual, everything will be OK and you will like our work , leave a positive comment on Google , write on Facebook or tell your friends.  

Where to call

  • If you prefer voice communication, please call us at our Slovak number + 421-2-321-44-901, Ukrainian number + 38-044-357-07-72, or Russian : + 7-499-504-4421.     
  • Of course, we are happy and the calls to mobile phones , the listed below, you can contact us and through Skype, Vayber or Vatsap .  
  • If for some reason you don’t understand, you want to send us a fax , there is such a possibility and use our fax number + 421-2-321-44-901. However, we received the last fax in 2011. 
  • Once upon a time we had ICQ , but no one remembers the number. 

E-mail:         slovakiainvest@slovakiainvest.sk

E-mail:         accounting@slovakiainvest.sk

E-mail:         investments@slovakiainvest.sk

E-mail:         banks@slovakiainvest.sk

Tel.:             +7-499-504-4421

Tel.:             +38-044-357-07-72

Tel.:             +421-2-321-44-901

Fax:           +421-2-5292-1319

Address:    Lazaretská 8 (2 этаж) 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

Legal address: Špitalská 53 811 01 Bratislava, Slovakia

Our office

Ak ste človek, vyberte obrázok Nákladné auto.

Adresa: Lazaretska 8, 81101, Bratislava, Slovakia
E-mail: slovakiainvest@slovakiainvest.sk
Telefón: +421 (2) 321-44-901

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